Working in the New Forest

Pigs of the New Forest on the private road to our offices

Pigs of the New Forest on the private road to our offices

Being based in the heart of the New Forest has worked well for us; being surrounded by nature in all its glory but still only 10 minutes away from the motorway, we often feel we have the best of both worlds. From our offices situated in a former hunting lodge, we have beautiful woodland on all sides making it easy to step out for some fresh air or hold a walking meeting.

It may seem idyllic, but it is not without downsides - try popping out for a sandwich at lunchtime and you’ll need to make a 45-minute round trip into Lyndhurst!

The New Forest is famous for its ponies and they certainly have lots of charm. Unfortunately, they lack street smarts and will often block the road, even sleeping on the tarmac which stays warmer in cold weather. The new born foals especially cause delays as they are slow to react when approached by a vehicle and drivers are much more prone to stop and take some photographs!

The forest has other herds roaming free including up to 3000 cattle who are just as capable of causing a hold up as the ponies. Perhaps most unexpectedly of all though are the pigs who roam the forest in the autumn eating the green acorns which are poisonous to the ponies.

So if you are coming out to see us about an existing or new project, we’re sure you’ll think the scenery is well worth the trip - but perhaps allow a few extra minutes for animal related hold ups!