Investigatory works commence at Fort Bovisand

Fort Bovisand areal view of the planned development

Fort Bovisand areal view of the planned development

DNA have been appointed by Fort Bovisand Developments to act as Construction Managers and Cost Consultants for this ambitious scheme to bring the derelict fort back into use. The site enjoys SSSI, Listed Building and Scheduled Monument status (among others) and is home to a number of protected species so the consultant team are working with the numerous statutory bodies to agree details which both protect the sites’ special features and allow it to be given new purpose rather than continue to fall into disrepair.

While the process of bringing together the multiple, and sometimes opposing, requirements of the various statutory authorities is continuing, we have been able to commence some investigatory work on site which will allow detailed final design for the structural, mechanical and electrical packages to be completed.

We are also facilitating a programme of archaeological works which will record and protect the sites historic features, details of which will ultimately go on display at the visitor centre being created as part of the main development.

While there is still plenty to do before the redevelopment is ready to commence in earnest, it has been rewarding to spend some time on site getting to know this local icon better and preparing for the exciting, varied and challenging work which is to come.

If you are interested in any of the packages of work which will be generated by this scheme, please contact us through our Partners page, we’d love to hear from you.